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List of keto fruits

List of keto fruits

Nutricionist Luisa Castillo

03/05/2022 Last modified: 03/11/2023

If you are thinking about starting a keto diet, or you are already on the ketogenic diet, this article will be of interest to you. In this Welthy Magazine article, we are going to show you a list of keto fruits that you can eat, so that you don’t have any doubts about this important part of your diet. Because the topic of fruits in the keto diet often raises a lot of doubts, take a look at our suggestions brought to you by Luisa Castillo, our expert nutritionist!

List of low carb fruits for keto diet

List of low carb fruits for keto diet

The keto diet has been in fashion for a few years now, and it has an increasing number of followers attracted by the benefits it offers our bodies: beyond the concept of a slimming diet. This diet is based on reducing carbohydrate intake as much as possible in favour of proteins and fats.

We should remember that it is suitable for athletes or for those who want to try it for a short period of time with the intention of achieving a goal, and it is best done under the supervision of a professional nutritionist. We therefore invite you to adopt it responsibly and with a good knowledge of the qualities of your own body.

Fruit is very healthy, but it is usually quite high in carbohydrates, so it raises many doubts in people who want to opt for a keto diet. However, there are some fruits that can be consumed perfectly well without breaking the standards of this type of diet, and they are the following.



Avocados are one of the keto fruits par excellence. They are delicious and very versatile to eat at all times of the year. They are usually known for their high natural fat content, and this is precisely what makes them suitable for a keto diet. Not only that, but they are juicy and pleasant foods, with a mild, but very distinctive flavour that will give you that fruity kick you may be missing.



Coconut is also a must on a keto fruit list. It is an exotic fruit, sweet, delicious for dessert, and low in carbohydrates but high in fat. The ideal thing to do is to buy it in its natural state or directly with the whole piece, as there are many commercial versions of this fruit that are sold with added sugar and this is not very advisable.



Are olives fruit? Of course, they are; you certainly won’t find them on our list of Keto vegetables. They are delicacies that come out of the olive trees to provide us with a great number of culinary pleasures. They are small, salty, and fatty, so they are not suitable for most weight loss diets, but they are great allies as keto fruits. Don’t hesitate if you want them as a snack or a tasty snack.



Blackberries, like red berries in general, have many fans because of their mixture of acid and sweetness that seduces so many palates. What you may not know is that they are suitable for this type of diet and that you can create the perfect breakfast with them if you decide to mix them with yoghurt. This is one of the delicacies that make it out of this sieve, so make the most of it!



Strawberries contain carbohydrates in very moderate amounts, so they are excellent as a keto fruit. In addition, these foods provide a host of benefits and are recommended in all types of diets for their cleansing abilities, satiating, fibre, and other goodness. In fact, many experts recommend them to all kinds of people for a light dinner.



Although we are used to buying them with vegetables, tomatoes are also a fruit. The cherry variety is the most suitable to include in the keto diet and will provide us with the freshness we need if we follow it to the letter, as we can become a little jaded with heavy meals based on meat and other heavy elements.



Watermelon is known for its high percentage of water and is usually recommended for weight loss or to purify the body, is this incompatible with the ketogenic diet? Well, the truth is that in moderate doses, this tasty summer fruit can be consumed. As it is in season, it will be easy to resist and consume just the right amount so as not to break keto standards.



We realise that you won’t eat a lemon the same way you would a watermelon because of its characteristic bitter taste. However, this ingredient is ideal for flavouring water or seasoning certain dishes for flavour, substance, or natural seasoning. Squeezed lemon has almost no carbohydrates, so you can squirt it on anything you like without it being harmful.



Raspberries can be consumed, as with other foods on this list, with certain limitations. A quarter cup of this ingredient contains 1.5 grams of net carbohydrates, and this will be enough for your keto lifestyle. If you want to spice up your dish, you can eat them with cream for desserts or include them in fresh summer dishes such as salads. 


Cantaloupe melon

Eating a cup of this variety of melon will definitely take away your cravings for fruit on your ketogenic diet, and you’ll be completely allowed to eat it – how wonderful! The best thing is that it contains a lot of vitamins that will be beneficial for your body, and it offers a high satiating capacity, so you won’t be tempted to eat when it’s not your turn.



We finish this list of keto fruits with carambola. This is one of the more exotic fruits on the list, and you may not be familiar with it, but this may be your chance to try some new experiences. It has a very citrusy taste and juicy flesh, so it will remind you of other fruits, and we are sure you will become fond of introducing it into your diet. It is low in calories, has a moderate carbohydrate intake, and is a source of potassium and vitamin C, what more could you ask for?



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